Halle Berry Taking a Break From Men

August 12, 2010 By:
Halle Berry Taking a Break From Men

Halle Berry, who broke up with her sexy ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, a few months ago is in no rush to get back into another serious relationship.

Halle is focusing on herself and has told her friends that she is taking some time off from men.

“She said she’s taking at least a year off from men,” a source said. “She needs a good break!”

Berry and Aubry were spotted jetting off to Africa together, but don't get any ideas because there is no reunion in the works. Halle is there to shoot a movie and Aubry didn't want to be apart from her baby girl Nahla.

“They’re never getting back together,” said the insider. “He just went with her to watch the baby while she’s working.”

They made such a cute couple. We don't understand why they broke up. If he's looking for a new leading lady, we're sure there are many takers, including us.