Halle Berry Reveals Abusive Past

December 27, 2010 By:
Halle Berry Reveals Abusive Past

Halle Berry is opening up about her childhood for the very first time, and I have to say, it’s pretty shocking!

In a new interview with CNN, Berry reveals she grew up in an abusive household, and watched her mom get abused by her own father.

"I think I've spent my adult life dealing with the sense of low self-esteem that sort of implanted in me. Somehow I felt not worthy." As incredible as that sounds coming from a highly paid, highly photogenic movie star, she explains, "Before I'm 'Halle Berry,' I'm little Halle....a little girl growing in this environment that damaged me...I've spent my adult life trying to really heal from that."

Berry opened up to bring light to an organization she’s involved with called Jenesse Center, a shelter for domestic violence victims. "I have a spot in my soul that understands the devastation that this causes a family,” she says.

You have to see Halle in this video—it gives you a totally new appreciation for her—as if we needed another reason to love her!