Halle Berry Goes To Court To Save Nahla From Paparazzi

August 16, 2012 By:
Halle Berry Goes To Court To Save Nahla From Paparazzi

Today’s the big day when Halle Berry takes her case against the paparazzi to court in an effort to relocate herself and her daughter Nahla to Paris, France. The actress will build a claim about the hazardous environment that her 4-year-old is living in for judge to hopefully okay the move.

Standing in the way of Halle just up and leaving in the first place is her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, who very much doesn’t want his little girl overseas.

Berry will try to prove that, though the distance may not be preferable for her separated parents, it is essential for the safety of Nahla. She will use recent Los Angeles paparazzi incidents as a tool to hammer her case home.

According to TMZ, Berry’s lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, has been working to gather as much video evidence showcasing the abusiveness of photogs in order to prove this point. A video presentation will be shown to the judge, which will reportedly include a scene where Berry had to call the Beverly Hills Police just so that she and Nahla could exit a restaurant.

The effort is to demonstrate how her family has been “terrorized” by the paparazzi.

To add to the case, Berry has subpoenaed Andrew Deetz, the photog responsible for her recent explosive episode caught on camera. The actress aggressively confronted the paparazzo when he followed Nahla near her school.

TMZ reports that Deetz will happily testify that it is part of the job to be pushy when it comes gathering photo content. The source also reports that Kolodny will likely do his best to throw Aubry under the bus as much as possible, painting devil horns on his forehead as a horrible person… Just as a cherry on top.

Berry hopes that France will serve as a sanctuary for her mini-family, where it is illegal to harass celebrities in public.

Update: Halle Berry has called upon her good friend Salma Hayek to assist her in the case to bring her daughter, Nahla, to live in Paris, France.

TMZ reports that Halle’s lawyers have filed a declaration from the Mexican actress, which offers a first person perspective on how it is safer to raise children in France where paparazzi laws are stricter than in the United States.

Hayek’s expertise in this field is attributed to her many trips to the European country with her four-year-old daughter Valentina. The actress is married to French businessman François Henri Pinault.