Halle Berry Doesn't Believe in Life Long Love

August 3, 2009 By:
Halle Berry Doesn't Believe in Life Long Love

When it comes to life and love, twice divorced Halle Berry believes she's finally figured it out--there is no such thing as forever.

She tells Britain's You magazine: "I'm much clearer about what a relationship is, which is why I will never marry again. Gabriel and I have a great partnership and a lovely daughter. But I once was stupid enough to say, in a previous relationship, 'I'm going to be with this person for ever,' and realized, as I grew, that I don't know if forever is possible.

"Gabriel and I don't look at our relationship in terms of for ever, we look at it as right here today. And today means being the best people we can be, the best parents we can be. It's wonderful, but neither one of us feels the need to attach ourselves to each other for life - because it may not be that."

Despite being uncertain about her future with Gabriel, she did admit she would love to have more children with him. And why not? Look how gorgeous baby Nahla came out!

She added, "I'm certainly open to having another, so I hope so. Motherhood will always be my priority now, especially because I had a child for the first time at 41. 'My priority had been myself for a long, long time, but now it will always be Nahla. You think you know what love is - until you have a child and discover that unconditional mother love."

For a long time Halle did seem lost when it came to love, but she finally seems to have found peace as a mother so we'd love to see her have more babies!