Halle Berry: Custody Fight over Daughter

January 18, 2011 By:
Halle Berry: Custody Fight over Daughter

Halle Berry may be happy as a clam with her new boyfriend Oliver Martinez, but her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey is back in her life whether she likes it or not.

According to TMZ, there might be a custody fight a-brewin between the two over their daughter Nahla.

Aubrey reportedly filed legal documents around New Year’s to officially declare him Nahla’s father. Previous to this, Halle and Gabriel worked out a custody agreement and visitation schedule on their own—but I’m guessing that’s not flying with him anymore.

In the new documents filed, Aubrey reportedly wants joint physical and legal custody and support of Nahla. Maybe he doesn’t want the new guy to take his place as the daddy figure.

A source in the know said Halle and Gabriel aren’t at each other’s throats by any means, but their tension level is at a 2….

I’m kinda jealous of Nahla…I wish Halle and Gabriel were fighting over me!