Halle Berry Confirms Engagement

April 16, 2012 By:
Halle Berry Confirms Engagement

Halle Berry made her first red carpet appearance since her engagement to French actor Olivier Martinez at the 2012 Jenesse Center Silver Rose Gala this past Saturday and confirmed she is indeed engaged.

"Who knew? I swore it off, right?” Berry told Extra about her new engagement at the event. “Never say never, people!"

Of course, the statement comes after several previous statements Berry made, swearing off marriage altogether.

“I will never marry again,” Berry told Oprah in 2004. “I mean it with every bone in my body.” As well as her vow “I will never, never get married again,” that she told In Style in 2007.

The 45-year-old actress served as chairwoman at the Gala, an event aimed at spreading awareness about domestic violence and says that working on this cause gives her another sense of purpose.

So, along with being a hardworking activist against domestic violence, the weekend also revealed Berry as a raging hypocrite.

The whole incident begs the question, “What kind of lovemaking Parisian stallion is this Martinez that a babe like Berry would have to conform to lock him down?”

However, the question most-likely on Martinez’s mind is more along the lines of, “I wonder if she still has that Catwoman suit?”

Despite this overreaction, the Silver Rose Gala event understandably went smoothly as it had nothing to do with Berry’s relationship status. Attendees had only good things to say about Berry’s efforts.

“She gets in there and rolls up her sleeves and is so passionately committed to everything we do," said motivational speaker Ingrid Roberts.

You can read more about Halle Berry at the Silver Rose Gala at Extra TV.