Halle Berry and Tom Hanks Smoke Pot Together

October 23, 2012 By:
Halle Berry and Tom Hanks Smoke Pot Together

The family friendly actors are among the latest celebs to join the ranks of Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen and Shia LaBeouf at the forefront of weed advocacy in America.

Halle Berry and Tom Hanks are apparently totally down when it comes to playing a game of puff and pass. In a recent interview Berry admitted that the Cloud Atlas costars smoked pot during filming…on screen that is.

The confession happened during an appearance on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” where the host pestered the 46-year-old stunner for details on the Fast Times in the Hollywood circle incident.

"I read this week that you smoked pot with Tom Hanks," Leno told his guest. "What is that? The all-American boy Tom Hanks!"

Halle laughed, not exactly ready to go public about mommy’s secret stash that she keeps tucked away from little Nahla…

“Have you ever smoked pot?" she said, turning the question around on Jay. "Come on, Jay, sometimes you smoke some pot."

The host laughed nervously in an attempt to dodge the question, saying that he was “always the designated driver” growing up. In other words, he never cool enough to be offered any…

"I did. I smoked pot with Tom Hanks... in this movie," said Halle, referring to a scene in the Wachowski siblings’ upcoming epic.

Sensing it was an awkward moment, the host quickly moved on to other topics. The interview also touched on her family's Halloween plans and her unfortunate long distance relationship to Sarah Palin. (Yeah, for real.)

Meanwhile, Hanks isn’t doing a great job painting the movie in a wholesome light either. Recently, the actor dropped the F-bomb while quoting one of his characters during an appearance on “Good Morning America.”

Cloud Atlas opens in theaters on October 26.

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