Halle Berry and Gabriel Back Together for the Summer

May 19, 2010 By:
Halle Berry and Gabriel Back Together for the Summer

Halle Berry’s split from Gabriel Aubry isn’t as cut and dry as we think! Apparently the two have been fighting over custody of their daughter Nahla, and neither of them wants to give her up.

Therefore, the couple has come up with an unconventional way to please both parties. This summer, Halle will be in South Africa shooting a movie for three months, and Gabriel has decided to come with her. The two of them will live with Nahla like one happy family.

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A source tells Radar Online, “Halle is going to pay Gabriel to be a kind of full time nanny and to come to South Africa for the three months she’s there, and to be Nahla’s full-time caregiver. Halle has a huge house that’s being rented for her and she and Gabriel are going to try to live under the same roof and get along for the sake of Nahla.”

“Heaven only knows how that’s going to work out, as they haven’t been on the best of terms lately, but they do both love their daughter so maybe they can make it work,” added the insider.

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But smartly, Halle has a back-up plan just in case things start to get ugly. The source says, “Halle has got a contingency plan though. If it doesn’t work out with them both living in the same property, she has agreed to rent a house for Gabriel near where she will be staying, and then he gets to look after Nahla all day while she’s working, and return to his place at night.”

That sounds like a more realistic plan! Unless the couple is trying to patch things up! We liked the two of them together—they were just so pretty to look at! And we’re sure Nahla would love having both of her parents back living under the same roof.