From Halle Berry to Daniel Craig: Celebs Who Used to be Homeless

October 11, 2011 By:
From Halle Berry to Daniel Craig: Celebs Who Used to be Homeless

While most celebs just dress like they’re homeless (although I hear it’s called “Boho Chic”), some of them actually used to be homeless. And really, aren’t those are favorite ones? We love hearing stories about someone who had to work their way out of the gutter to fight for their fame. It's just a little easier to respect someone who had to work hard to get where they are rather than inheriting their status and then becoming a reality star.

Also, we can all probably relate to their stories a little more. To celebrate the spirit of hard work and perseverance, we’re rounding up our favorite celebrities who used to be homeless.

Halle Berry: When Halle Berry left home for Hollywood, her mother did not approve. After being cut off, Mama Berry gave her daughter two choices: come home or find a way to make it. Berry chose the latter, and while she ultimately succeeded, part of her journey included a stint in a homeless shelter. It was probably hell, but it was worth it.

Hilary Swank: Unlike Halle’s mom, Hilary’s was incredibly supportive of her daughter’s acting career. Maybe a little too supportive. At the age of 15, Swank’s mom moved her and Hilary to L.A. in order to get Hilary auditions. They lived in a car and made audition appointments from pay phones. Wonder if casting directors accept collect calls? Either way, it worked. Her daughter became an Oscar-winning actress.

Lil Kim: Before she was walking the red carpet, Lil’ Kim was walking the tough streets of Brooklyn. Her father kicked her out as a teenager, and for a while, Kim was homeless. During her struggle, Kim met The Notorious B.I.G., who helped her go from grubby to Grammy.

Jewel: No wonder her music is so depressing. Growing up, Jewel and her father were dirt poor. Their home didn’t have indoor plumbing, and the family had to use an outhouse. Before her rise to fame, Jewel lived in a van.

Jim Carrey: When I picture a homeless Jim Carey, I picture one of those famous homeless people, like Ronnie Woo Woo or WeHo Jesus. Although to be fair, I think WeHo Jesus isn’t homeless, he just genuinely enjoys dressing up like Jesus. I honestly think that guy might actually be Jesus. Anyway, Jim Carey and his family were so poor, they lived in a tent in the backyard of another family member’s home. Uh, worst family member ever! Sure, you can live with us. As long as your outside. In a tent. And not living with us.

Charlie Chaplin: How can someone so funny be so sad? Charlie Chaplin had a rough childhood. Not only did his father pass away when he was a kid, his mom also had a mental breakdown. And yes, they were homeless for a while. All that trauma would stay with Chaplin for the rest of his life. He once said, “I love to walk in the rain because no one could see me crying.” Tear.

Daniel Craig: Before he made it big, Daniel Craig was far from being James Bond. He was apparently found on a park bench in London when he was a struggling actor.

David Letterman: When Dave moved to Los Angeles to be a comedy writer, he had to live out of his red Chevy for a while. And even living out of your car costs money in L.A. Those parking meters don’t put coins in themselves.

William Shatner: After Star Trek was cancelled in 1969, Shatner went though a bitter divorce and ended up
living in a pick up truck for a while. Too bad they didn’t have Priceline back then.

Rose McGowan: In 1997, Rose admitted to being homeless for a year of her life. The actress said:
“I was homeless for a year. I teamed up with this other girl – I met her the first day I was on the streets – and we roamed all over Oregon and Washington.”