Gwyneth Paltrow Apologizes to PETA for Wearing Fur

November 19, 2008 By:
Gwyneth Paltrow Apologizes to PETA for Wearing Fur

Wow! Has PETA ever gotten an apology from a celebrity they’ve bashed for wearing fur? The Olsen twins certainly aren’t putting that on the top of their to-do list! But Gwyneth Paltrow did take the time to offer up an apology to the organization after they criticized her for wearing fur in her Tod’s campaign photos. In August, the group released a statement that said: "Gwyneth Paltrow won't be the apple of her daughter's eye if she continues to flaunt fur."

But now it’s all water under the bridge. Gwyneth was in Miami for the opening of the Fontainbleau Hotel and ran into PETA vicepresident Dan Mathews there. He says that Paltrow told him: "That was awkward, and I'm glad you asked, because I do not wear fur at all.

"It was a daylong photo shoot on a boat near Capri, and there were all sorts of poses with all kinds of clothes - none with fur. During one set-up, a stylist came up from behind and draped a stole around my shoulder.

She continued: "I didn't pay much attention to it, and when I noticed it was fur, I assumed it was fake fur, but did not ask, so it's my fault. I was very surprised when they ended up using that one shot out of hundreds for the centerpiece of the Tod's ads.

"I know it's not a great excuse, but I hope you and your members understand."

Mathews says Paltrow went on to talk about the fact that she and her family often skip meat in their meals, because they “know it's the best diet for us and our kids, and of course, for animals and the environment.”

Well Gwyneth certainly gave PETA every reason to stop being angry with her! That’s a pretty good apology if you ask us!