Chris Martin Knows Gwyneth Paltrow Is More Famous Than Him

December 1, 2011 By:
Chris Martin Knows Gwyneth Paltrow Is More Famous Than Him

Chris Martin doesn’t feel famous. Awwww.

Martin might be the face of one of the hugest bands in the world, but his A-list wife Gwyneth Paltrow outshines him in celebritydom, and he knows it.

The Paradise singer said: "Ridiculous as it sounds, I still feel like we're trying to make it. I think being married to someone much more famous makes me feel not famous all."

Oh, come on, Mr. Paltrow. You’re exaggerating.

Chris says he doesn’t worry about Coldplay’s popularity though. Because doing so would mean he has to consider the people that don’t like them, too.

"It matters to me whether we get some sing-alongs - I love that more than anything. But as popular as you are, you're also unpopular so it just levels out at nothing. If you're going to respond to the people who think you're special, then you're going to have to respond to the people who think you're not special.”

Not everyone is a Coldplay fan, but Chris says the people who are fans make up for it.

Martin adds: “I’m so grateful for the people who do like us that I don’t really care about the ones that don’t."

Being the husband of a huge celebrity has its perks. Because of Gwyneth’s friendship with Beyonce, Martin has a budding friendship with Jay-Z. That’s how couple friendships work. Two ladies become friends, and leave their husbands along to talk about sports or boobs or whatever it is dudes talk about.

Martin says his friendship with Jay-Z is “hilarious.”

"Yes, it is hilarious [our friendship]. What's the common denominator? Well, underneath he probably feels a bit like me and I probably feel a bit like him."

Paltrow says that her husband and Jay-Z are good for balancing each other out. Gwyneth told Q magazine:

"They balance each other out. Chris and I are like Jay and Beyonce; two paranoid ironists and two calm grounded people."

And like a good husband, Chris nodded and smiled at that answer.

"There you go, you've got the answer. We balance each other out."

And Martin revealed that aside from rapping, Jay has another notable skill.

"We do play touch football. He's very good at American football - not only does he have all these other talents, but he can throw a perfect spiral. And then, on the other end, it smacks me in the head. In England, no one teaches you how to throw a spiral, so mine looks like an egg slowly limping through the air."