Gwen Stefani Scared of Weight Gain

July 2, 2008 By:
Gwen Stefani Scared of Weight Gain

It's no secret that Gwen Stefani has struggled with her weight for years. To us, she's always looked great, but the chubby girl inside her never lets her forget her adolescent years.

She says, "At school, I remember thinking that I wished I could like a girl that was so skinny and got to eat whatever she wanted. I always had to exercise. My weight fluctuated and I got chubby again in 11th grade - at like 16 - and then I was like, 'You know what? I've had enough of this up and down thing!'"

"So I got on the swim team and I was more determined not to be that chubby girl any more. Ever since then I've been able to control it, but it sucks. Nowadays I just try to realize how stupid it is, because nobody cares - except me!"

She's just about one of the most fabulous celebrities in the entire world, we can't even recall a single time when she hasn't looked amazing. But this does show you that everyone has insecurities, even celebrities that we think are perfect.