Guy Ritchie: Madonna is Retarded

October 7, 2009 By:
Guy Ritchie: Madonna is Retarded

We hope Guy Ritchie had a safe place to hide after this interview, because we're sure Madonna is not going to be happy about this one.

"I still love her," says Guy in a new interview with Esquire magazine, "But she's retarded, too."

He may think she's "retarded" but he says it out of love. "She's a manifester, if there ever was one," he says.

"First-rate manifester. Madonna makes things happen. Put Madonna up against any 23-year-old, she'll outwork them, outdance them, outperform them. The woman is broad."

One things for sure, she can definitely keep up with 23 year-olds. Enter Jesus Luz. She has no plans to marry him, in fact she said she would rather "get run over by a train," but she's certainly keeping up!