Guy Ritchie: A Tale of Two Homes

May 3, 2010 By:
Guy Ritchie: A Tale of Two Homes

Madonna's ex Guy Ritchie is such a baller, he's bought two mansion in London and is planning on combining them into a mega one.

Ritchie, who is currently single, is said to have paid just over $9 million for the two houses in the British capital's Fitzrovia area.

The mega mansion will have at least eight bedrooms, according to Britain's Daily Mail. Lots of room for the little ones to run around, that's for sure!

A neighbor tells the newspaper, "Guy will need to spend a fortune converting the houses, which have been empty for three years. But when the work is finished it will be one of the most elegant homes in London."

Another source adds, "An architect has been hired to redesign the whole house. As well as all the space upstairs, there is a massive basement which would be perfect for a film screening room."

Ritchie reportedly walked away with $75 million after him and the Material Girl split, so $9 mil is just chump change for him.