Katherine Heigl Wants To Leave Grey's

May 8, 2008 By:
Katherine Heigl Wants To Leave Grey's

Katherine Heigl does two big movies and she already thinks she's too good for the small screen. Katherine has apparently had enough of Grey's Anatomy, and wants to only do movies now. Ring a bell? Exact thing happened with Mischa Barton, and her career isn't exactly taking off.

An industry insider says, "She's working really long hours and is ready to move on. She's a smart one. She saw what can happen with someone like Jennifer Aniston, who was crazy successful on TV, but can't seem to carry a film, and she tested the waters early."

That's a ridiculous thing to say, since Jennifer Aniston movies are always cute, and she continued to do Friends for years while taking movie roles between seasons.

What do you think? Should Katherine move on? Or stay put and continue to squeeze in movies on the side?