Grey's Anatomy-Inspired Reality Show in the Works

May 22, 2009 By:
Grey's Anatomy-Inspired Reality Show in the Works

Grey's Anatomy is such a hit that the CW is trying to take the idea and make it into a reality show! According to a casting notice obtained by E!, the network is developing real life medical professionals to star in the show.

The casting notice reads:

"Reveille and the CW would like to document the extraordinary experience of Emergency Medicine residents at a world-class hospital.

Residents are at an incredible personal crossroads as they complete their medical education. Those training in the Emergency Department face exceptional professional pressures as they work on the frontlines of the medical system. We would like to present a portrait of these hard-working physicians during this incredible period in their lives.

For the lucky chosen hospital, they will have the opportunity to highlight their medical facilities, their world-class training program, and their service to the community on primetime network television."

Think they can find the real McDreamy out there? This is a little bit of a stretch…doctors should be more focused on their patients than on the cameras.