Michelle Trachtenberg to Return to Gossip Girl

January 5, 2009 By:
Michelle Trachtenberg to Return to Gossip Girl

We couldn't be more excited because Gossip Girl returns to television tonight, hooray! And from the previews we’ve seen, the show is just getting racier.

Chuck Bass goes off the deep end, and we hear an old cast member is heading back to the Big Apple to stir up some trouble. That girl is Miss Georgina Sparks, played by Michelle Trachtenberg.

As you may recall, she’s also Serena’s arch nemesis. We’re thrilled! Serena’s storyline was getting a little lame. So we guess we can assume Georgina’s out of the psych ward?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Michelle has signed a multi-episode deal for the show, and will be returning later in the season. And it gets even better! There’s a rumor that Georgina is Lily and Rufus’ love child! Tune in tonight as GG returns to the CW at 8PM.