Michael Kors Cameo On Gossip Girl

August 8, 2008 By:
Michael Kors Cameo On Gossip Girl

Michael Kors is a fabulous designer, but can he act? We'll find out this season on Gossip Girl!

Michael is set to guest star on an upcoming episode of the show. He just shot the scenes at Capitale, where they were also filming a fashion show.

He says, "I love the clothes, everyone is good-looking, the plot line is a riot. I love the show. They called and said, 'You are very Gossip Girl,' I thought, 'Finally, I am a teenager.' "

As for the depiction of New York teens on the show, Michael says, "Probably to the consternation of certain people on the Upper East Side, they really get it. It's a pretty clear picture of how a lot of these kids really are."

Well, we still don't buy the fact that high school kids dress that well!