Gossip Girls vs. 90210: What Team Are You On?

September 8, 2008 By:
Gossip Girls vs. 90210: What Team Are You On?

The battle of the shows is on! Which CW show is better, Gossip Girls or 90210? Hollyscoop.com hit the NYLON Magazine 90210 TV launch issue party where we caught up with the stars about the battle between Gossip Girls and 90210.

Is it a friendly rivalry or is there tension? We got the scoop from Lauren Conrad, Shenae Grimes, Jessica Stroup, Michael Steger, Dustin Milligun, and Kellen Lutz among others.

Shanae Grimes: "Noooo, no such thing. I know those guys, they're all great."

Lauren Conrad: "I'm sure it's made up, I feel like they kind of made that up. I don't do teams. I like them both."

Michael Steger: "Ya, what's that about? You know what, it's inhaled competition. It'll be fun. We're bringing it back to the west coast."

Jessica Stroup: "I haven't heard about that. I'm a huge fan of Gossip Girls. Is there a rivalry?"

Kellen Lutz: "It's funny cause I'm friends with Chace so when we talk about it, we're like 'Oh whose ratings were more? Whose better' He watched the show and he liked the show. I love Gossip girls, so It's kind of friendly rivalry."

Adam Gregory: "I know Chace, we're friends. It's such a friendly rivalry we have. we just top each other, which makes the network that much better."

Dustin Milligan: "You know what would be awesome? We should settle it once and for all with a cross over episode. East coast vs. West Coast battle. Straight out brawl. Its kind of cool, we got Monday night, we got Tuesday night, we can both do fine on the same network--as friends."

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