Gossip Girl Spinoff Confirmed

January 15, 2009 By:
Gossip Girl Spinoff Confirmed

So the rumors are true after all! Gossip Girl is getting a spinoff. So much for trying to keep that a secret! The new show, created by Gossip Girl’s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, will center around Lily’s character, showing her scandalous teenage years in the 80s.

The May 11th episode of Gossip Girl this season will be a flashback “backdoor pilot” for the new show. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lily moves out of her parents’ house in Montecito California, and in with her black-sheep sister who lives in the Valley. So they weren’t always Upper East siders!

The CW says, "Caught between two worlds, Lily dives into the fast-paced Sunset Strip and the Hollywood lifestyle of the '80s, journeying over the hill to a world of wealth and excess that used to be her own."

Then of course, Rufus gets her pregnant. Which brings us to where we are today. But what’s going to be really juicy is all that stuff in between, and how she made the move to the east coast.

GG creator Stephanie Savage told THR, "We didn't want to upset the chemistry of our cast—all of whom are crucial to the show. Nor did we want to dilute New York City as a character."

Josh Schwartz added, "We are inspired by the opportunity to tell overlapping stories and introduce characters that will appear in the past and the present—and hopefully enrich both shows. We love exploring fashion, pop culture, music and a heightened world that's just a little more fun than the one we actually live in. L.A. in the '80s totally fits the bill."

The costume designers are going to have a field day with this new show!

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