Gossip Girl Gets Its Own Spinoff

December 11, 2008 By:
Gossip Girl Gets Its Own Spinoff

The lives of the kids on Gossip Girl are so intriguing. We all secretly wish we could show up to high school wearing Tory Burch’s latest shoes, and a handbag that costs the same as tuition.

Living vicariously through the precocious cast of Gossip Girl is something we do every Monday night. And now true fans are about to get even more. The CW has allegedly created a spinoff to the series that will center around Serena and Dan’s parents, Lily and Rufus. And before you go thinking that’s boring, the spinoff will show them in their younger years.

Star reports, “The show will focus on the early romance between Lily and Rufus. It begins when they first meet, during a time when Rufus and his band are at the height of their career. The show will follow the high society and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle in New York. Two new actors will be hired to play the young Lily and Rufus. Producers are planning to introduce the new couple during a flashback scene in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl.”

Bring on the drama! We love it! What do you think about a Gossip Girl spinoff? We think it just may work, given the fact that totally new actors will be in the show, and the producers don’t have to take anyone out of the original cast.