2010 Golden Globe Snubs and Surprises

December 14, 2010 By:
2010 Golden Globe Snubs and Surprises

The 2011 Golden Globe nominations were announced today and here's the roundup for the surprises and serious snubs.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) proved they've got The Tourist fever as the same film critics bashed received a Best Picture nomination.

A lot of people were also surprised that Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp got a "Best Actor/Actress" nomination for The Tourist.

Actor Blair Underwood, who was present at today's nomination told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY, "Yeah that was a surprise but you know Johnny is phenomenal, he is a phenomenal actor and a good guy, so God bless him. This whole things performing arts and acting is so subjective it's people’s opinions."

Despite all odds, Johnny Depp has a 50% chance of winning "Best Actor," as he will go against himself for his role in “Alice in Wonderland.” One thing is for sure--the 2011 Golden Globes will not lack star power.

Another surprise was seeing Michael Douglas get a nomination for his role in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. In a statement Michael said, "to be selected with these extraordinary nominees is an honor and boy was I ready for some good news!"

Hollywood Foreign Press President Philip Berk insists Douglas' nod was not a sympathy vote. Berk told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY, "People might think this is a sympathy vote. This might be a homage to him, but quite honestly, Michael in that film is brilliant, I’m so happy for him because I’m sure it's boosting his spirits."

Douglas released a statement shortly after saying, "To be selected with these extraordinary nominees is an honor and boy was I ready for some good news!"

Other surprises? Jake Gyllenhaal's nomination for “Love and Other Drugs” and Emma Stone’s nod for “Easy A.” The more important question is, who will Jake take to the Globes? Tay Tay should start looking for a red carpet gown ASAP!

We're still shocked about Burlesque getting a Best Picture nomination while "True Grit" was left out. A total snub for the Coen brothers!

Speaking of snubs, the cast of Inception including Leonardo DiCaprio was entirely left out. Meanwhile, despite all the media buzz, Justin Timberlake didn't get a nomination for his role in “The Social Network."

Hollyscoop recently spoke to JT about the award show buzz surrounding his performance and he told Hollyscoop, “I am actually humbled by all of it...I think I’m just excited that people have really responded to the movie in that way.”

Now, we need to wait until January 16, 2010 to find out who takes home the Golden Globe!

In the meantime, check out our interviews from the nominations announcement below.