Nick Jonas Begging for Glee Role

February 16, 2011 By:
Nick Jonas Begging for Glee Role

Remember the Jonas Brothers? Yeah, they were famous before Justin Bieber came around and blew them outta the water. Well now that no one's going to their concerts, the boys have to find other work. And Nick Jonas has his sights set on Glee.

Nick admits be's a huge Gleek and would be "honored" if show creator Ryan Murphy offered him a cameo. Get in line buddy.

He said: “Everybody says this, obviously, in the entertainment business because it's such a popular show - that's why I'm reluctant to say it from time to time - but I really do appreciate the use of music in 'Glee.' I think everyone can relate that's in the music business. Everyone's just thankful that music is kind of popular again because 'Glee' does a great job of incorporating it into the show.

“I would humbly say that if there's ever an opportunity they see that I could work well on that show, I would be honoured. Plus I think that cast is really talented - it would be fun.”

Even if Ryan doesn't want him on the show, he'll happily OK the use of any of their songs. What did they sing again? Damn this Bieber fever, I can't even think straight anymore.