John Travolta Thinks He's Too Good for Glee

January 24, 2011 By:
John Travolta Thinks He's Too Good for Glee

Newsflash to Hollywood. If Glee asks you to be on the show, don’t hesitate!

John Travolta apparently got approached by the show’s producers, and he’s acting like a huge queen about it.

John talked with ET to brag about his latest offer, and apparently he might not do it.

I mean…what a douche move.

"They've asked,” Travolta said of the Glee producers. “It's the thing that when I do musicals I train for six to nine months, up to a year.”

I really have a criteria or pride. ... I would wanna knock em' dead, and I don't think I can in a week."

Criteria??? Pride??? Ok, we all know John has pride, but not sure we’re talking about the same kind. It’s pretty pompous of him to think he’s above one of the best shows on TV right now.

It’s not like John Travolta is known as one of the best musical acts of all time, either. I hope Glee reneges on any kind of offer they put out there!