Glee Launches Search for Undiscovered Talent

January 13, 2010 By:
Glee Launches Search for Undiscovered Talent

Glee is one of the hottest shows of the year, and you may have the chance to become a part of it! All you have to do is be able to sing and dance like the characters on the show.

Fox executives have announced they’re launching a search in February for undiscovered talent between the ages of 16-26 to fill three roles on the show! The new cast members will appear on season two of the show, which just got picked up by the network.

The search for new talent will also be documented in a reality show. Fox president Kevin Reilly said in a statement, “We were going to do a nationwide search regardless. So we decided to let the audience in as a part of that. There will not be formal voting. The audience will not decide, but the audience will certainly participate. They will give us their opinions on who they want and who they like.”

What many don’t know is that some of the original cast was found in this manner, like Chris Colfer. Also coming up on the show is more Kristin Chenoweth, and guest stars Olivia Newton-John, and Idina Menzel!

We wish we had answers about what will happen with Will and Emma, and Quinn’s baby, but when Hollyscoop talked to Corey Monteith at the People’s Choice Awards, he told us, “I’m sworn to secrecy.” We can’t wait for Glee to come back in April! Additional details about the talent search will be announced soon [via]