'Glee' Hype Causes Creator To Chill Fans Out

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\'Glee\' Hype Causes Creator To Chill Fans Out
You can take the Gleek out of the high school but don’t go taking away their cast members…

Amidst the chaos-inducing hype that has been bouncing around the “Glee” community lately in preparation for Season 4, a new promotional poster has been released missing one key ingredient… Dianna Agron.

The missing cast member caused a near riot on Twitter with fans demanding an explanation for the snub/last minute cast change/whatever this means for the new upcoming season…

Show creator Ryan Murphy, who has been feeding the hype-fire with his tweets, took to calming the seas with a tweet promising fans that Quinn Fabray, played by Agron, would return.

That’s right, Gleeks… Chill out!

Those that were featured in the poster were just about every other cast member, hence the drama fest that unfolded…

While Quinn will be featured in the new season, her part will be noticeably smaller than her surrounding cast. The character ended Season 3 with hopes of attending Yale University in Connecticut…

According to reports and teasers, Season 4 will narrow in on the stories of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) who made their was to the Big Apple following graduation. Rachel will study at the performing arts school at NYADA while Kurt will work at Vogue.com.

Both stories will be highlighted by guest stars Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker who will serve as mentors for the grads.

Season 4 of “Glee” kicks off September 13 on FOX.
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