Glee Goes Broadway

August 12, 2010 By:
Glee Goes Broadway

Has a show that’s only been on the air for one season ever been turned into a Browadway musical?! We think not, but Glee has had such an impact in such a short amount of time, that it’s headed to the stage!

Creator Ryan Murphy confirmed the big news this week, after months of speculation. Back in March, Music Theatre International confirmed “negotiations” were underway to turn the popular series into a production for the New York stage. But 20th Century Fox was quick to slam the claims.

But now Murphy tells the New York Daily News that it’s a go. He just signed a very large development deal--$24 Million to be exact--with Fox, which gives him a lot more creative control than he had before.

Murphy is also now the executive music producer and will receive a portion of the profits from the show's TV soundtracks and episode sales. He will also benefit from any merchandise sold and live tour profits.

Glee has already been picked up for two more seasons on Fox, and we think this is just the beginning!