Glee Ends on A High Note!

June 9, 2010 By:
Glee Ends on A High Note!

It’s official—the entire country is gleeking out! The season finale Glee aired last night, and nearly 11 million viewers tuned in!

The show was named the highest-rated finale for first-year shows, according to preliminary Neilson ratings. It was up a whole 18% from last week’s episode, and was up 21% in total viewers. Fox says the finale was also the show’s highest-rated telecast without a lead-in from American Idol.

Glee won among adults 18-49, adults 18-34, teens and all female demographics. Glee was also up 59% in total viewers versus what it averaged in the fall when it aired on Wednesdays (11.6 million versus 7.3 million).

As far as finales go, Glee’s was pretty top-notch. We were wondering how they were going to tie in Quinn’s pregnancy, as well as the future of New Directions! Lucky for us, everything worked out nicely, including the reconnection between Emma and Will, and Rachel and Finn! Ah, until next year…

Despite Glee’s impressive numbers, the ultimate winners last night were the Lakers! Their game 3 against the Celtics drew in the biggest numbers of the night!

Tune in this Thursday for game 4!