First Look: Sarah Jessica Parker On 'Glee'

August 21, 2012 By:
First Look: Sarah Jessica Parker On 'Glee'

Glee” is getting some new “Sex and the City” flavors.

Following the social media promotion of his guest star Kate Hudson, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy has tweeted a new photo of his other guest star on set… Sarah Jessica Parker.

In the twitpic, SJP poses in wardrobe next to “Glee” veteran Chris Colfer. It is the first look of the “Sex and the City” star on set so far.

“First scene! Kurt and Isabelle," the caption on the post reads.

Parker will take on the role of Isabella in the fourth season of the FOX series. Her character will mentor Kurt, played by Colfer, working at

Also featured in the tweeted photo is Colfer’s new hairdo, a Elvis Presley-inspired greased up pompadour.

Colfer has since retweeted Murphy’s message, adding his love for SJP.

The Isabella-Kurt relationship will likely parallel the Cassandra July-Rachel relationship at the NYADA in the new season.

If Murphy’s Twitter love for Hudson is any indication of what’s to come for Parker, this won’t be the last time that we’ll catch a glimpse of her on set prior to the fall premiere.

In addition to a candid shot like this alongside Lea Michele – who plays Rachel - Murphy shared a picture of Hudson in mid-dance move earlier this month.

The new season of “Glee” premieres September 13 on FOX.