Dianna Agron: Glee Has Bieber and Timberlake Fever

August 16, 2010 By:
Dianna Agron: Glee Has Bieber and Timberlake Fever

Talking to Glee cast members and producers is like a gold mine these days. You never know what they’re going to dish on the upcoming season, and it seems every day there’s a new announcement!

Hollyscoop spoke EXCLUSIVELY with star Dianna Agron (Quinn) and executive producer Brad Flachuk and they both gave us fresh new scoops on what’s to come!

Dianna, who was shooting both Glee and the film I am Number Four at the same time, is having a blast. “It was so much fun,” she told us at the Hollywood Breakthrough Awards. “I went right from finishing the tour to going to set to Number Four.

I’m so thankful and so lucky that both teams were able to work with each other and workout the days. I get to play a pregnant cheerleader and a photographer running from aliens. Working with wonderfully talented people and learning as much as I possibly can.”

We grilled Dianna about all the cameos coming up on the show, starting with Britney Spears. “I’m very excited,” she said. “I don’t really know too many details about what that specifies but I’m very excited.”

Executive producer Brad Flachuk added, “It’s honoring her and what she means to a whole generation of both girls and boys and her amazing music which is as catchy as it gets.”

And on the rumor Justin Bieber may be headed to the show, Agron said, “I just heard this rumor the other day. We have so many rumors of people that might be coming on our story lines. I often don’t know if they are real or fake. I don’t know.”

Flachuk added, “It's as if there is a campaign for Justin Bieber to be on Glee or if we have been talking about it. We really haven’t been talking about it.”

The latest gossip is that Lea Michele said she wanted Justin Timberlake to make a cameo. And Dianna is all for it! “I mean who wouldn’t want Justin Timberlake on their show. Its not like he’s chopped liver,” she joked.

But Flachuk says he wants to keep the focus on his own stars, and not feel the need to get a guest star every week. “I think those guys are as big stars as anybody. I’m excited to write for them. We don’t need to bring some sexy back to that cast they are sexy on their own,” he quipped.

Flachuk also offered his own perspective on why he thinks the show is so popular. “I think everybody secretly wants to sing and express themselves,” he explained. “Everybody loves the idea of their voice coming out of these characters who are searching for their voice and being able to express it. Whether you are a top dog or underdog, you feel like an underdog and I think everyone is sort of relating to it. Plus I don’t know who doesn’t like a little singing and dancing.”

We wish them luck on Emmy night….but we don’t even think they need it!