Chris Colfer Clears Up Glee and Ryan Murphy Rumors

December 12, 2011 By:
Chris Colfer Clears Up Glee and Ryan Murphy Rumors

Last week, sources told US Weekly that Glee creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy was a total tyrant on set. He was apparently making "life miserable for the cast" and that the Glee kids have "grown to hate him."

However, Glee star Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel on the Fox series, says those rumors are totally false.

"It's a rumor," Colfer told Hollyscoop at CNN Heroes event in Los Angeles. “It's people trying to create a story. I assure you that is all it is. Really, it's not true."

So apparently, everything is just rainbows and ponies over on the set of Glee, according to Colfer.

After the Us Weekly story went up, FOX Sr. VP of Publicity Christopher Alexander called the "malicious" story false and issued this statement:

"This mean-spirited story is malicious and 100 percent false. Ryan and the cast are extremely close and moral on the set has never been higher," claims Alexander.

Another Glee clubber Naya Rivera, who plays Santana, tweeted the truth. "I think that the malicious things being written about Ryan Murphy are so sad and false. I'm proud to work for such a talented man! :-)"

Proving that "malicious" is the word-of-the-day over at Glee headquarters, It seems that Murphy is not nearly the diva that the tabloid and its sources made him out to be.

The original story wrote that Murphy is a ruthless leader and that "things are really bad on set. The cast talks about how much they love Ryan, but they have grown to hate him," says the source.

They also claim that Lea Michele is planning a cast mutiny. "The cast has been speaking about banding together against him, and Lea is leading the charge," says another source.

The source also said that Murphy "has bad mood swings and can be really mean." For example, Lea Michele asked if she could opt out of doing the Glee! Live tour (which is kind of ridiculous for her to even ask, seeing as she's the show's lead) but Murphy "allegedly" threatened to fire her best friend Amber Riley "because she's one of Lea's closest friends," if she didn't do the tour.

When Michele asked to get our of doing the tour, Murphy "asked her which of her friends she wanted him to fire." Ouch. The cast also allegedly only had four days to rehearse for this multi-city tour.

Michele's rep denied any friction between her and Murphy.

Well, thanks to Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera and the exec at Fox, we can all rest assured knowing that the only drama on Glee is on screen.