Beyonce Tops Glee's Wish List

August 31, 2010 By:
Beyonce Tops Glee's Wish List

is well into shooting their second season and the show has become more popular than ever. Fresh off winning two Emmys for its premiere season, the show seems to be unstoppable.

Hollyscoop talked EXCLUSIVELY to cast members Mark Salling and Amber Reilly at the Emmy Awards, as well as Harry Shum Jr. at the EW Women in Film Pre-Emmy party, and they told us what it’s like to be on one of the hottest shows on TV, and which superstars are slated to join the show this season.

Mark Salling, who plays the bad boy Puck on the show tells us being on the red carpet was “Surreal and it’s an honor. We work really hard all the time. To have this percentage of the time be glitz and glamorous is rewarding.”

Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang) explains just how much work is put into every episode. “It’s been a little less stressful this time around,” he said of season 2 so far. “They have kind of gotten to the groove of things as far as scheduling. It’s still hard work.”

With all the buzz about the upcoming Britney Spears episode, we had to ask Shum the details. “This Britney episode is going to be insane,” he dished. “I sat in on a couple of scenes that I wasn’t involved in and it was hilarious.”

And it’s not just the girls who will be channeling Brit-Brit. Mike told ys, “You will have the guys involved in some Britney as well. The guys get some lovin’ from the Brittney side of it. You’ll see some guys strutting their self to Britney.”

As for his own character (*SPOILER ALERT!*), he tells us about his love life! “Mike Chang and Tina start to date,” he says. “They are giving me a little more story line which I’m excited about. Compared to last season where it’s a little different, I was just chillin’ in the back.”

Shum told us fans can get excited for singer Charice, who has a large presence in season two. We also pressed him about Billy Joel and Michael Jackson getting their own themed episodes.

“I keep hearing these different artists that they are trying to bring on,” he tells us. “These guys are legends. You have Billie Joel and Michael Jackson, you can’t go wrong with them. It’s also a little scary because Michael Jackson is the legend the pop icon that everyone looks up to, we don’t want to mess it up. We are so excited, we heard Michael and Billie Joel those are the stuff we grew up with.”

Amber Reilly (Mercedes) has only one wish: “Beyonce,” she says. “Yeah, that would be like top.”

Oooh, we’d die to see her duet with Beyonce! We’re just saying….that might “make” the season!