Ashley Fink Dropped From Cast of 'Glee'

April 24, 2012 By:
Ashley Fink Dropped From Cast of 'Glee'

Ashley Fink is not coming back to “Glee" anymore. Quick question: Who is Ashley Fink?

Ashley Fink played Lauren Zizes, whose character burst onto the Glee-scene during season two and dated hot mohawk guy, I mean, Mark Saling’s character. She then stuck around playing Chris Colfer’s character’s best friend and we expected her to become a very integral part of the show.

Well, at the start of Season three, her character dramatically quit the New Directions and hasn’t been seen in an episode since.

Fink set the record straight in a new interview with The Insider “It is what it is,” says Fink, “Lauren’s somewhere in that school, she’s just not on camera or being talked about. She’s involved in activities that aren’t televised.”

Awww, that’s a really nice way of saying, “Ryan Murphy wrote me off the show.”

“Of course I miss me on Glee. I miss everybody. I miss the fun experience that show is. But Glee is very much a fly by the seat of your pants [operation] in the way that best laid plans never quite come together,” Fink reveals, “They have so many [characters] to take care of and I think once they made the decision that all these characters were going to graduate, it shifted the way this season was going to go.”

True, it seems like Glee can’t figure out what to do with its characters. How old is Finn exactly? Rachel and Finn are getting married? They aren’t getting married? Quinn isn’t dead?

Fink says that even though she’s been unceremoniously sacked from the show, she still visits the set to relive the good old days.

“I haven’t heard anything from Ryan,” says Fink, “But I visited [while they were filming] prom, so I got to see everybody, which was great.”