Guiliana And Bill Rancic Have Big Dreams For Baby's Future

May 29, 2012 By:
Guiliana And Bill Rancic Have Big Dreams For Baby's Future

Giuliana and Bill Rancic have high hopes for their first born.

Us Weekly has a clip of tonight’s episode of Giuliana and Bill, where upon hearing that "Everything is looking great," from their gestational carrier (some new fangled term for surrogate mother) the couple immediately go all LinkedIn projecting the future of their child.

Bill starts it off with, "There could be an NFL quarterback in there!" Giuliana, hoping for a better view and possibly wardrobe for her child follows with, "Or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company!" Not to be outdone, and always willing to support and praise his wife’s pursuits finishes with the best answer, “Or an entertainment news reporter.”

Giuliana is best known for her job on E! News, her fashion commentary beside Joan Rivers and reporting on every red carpet event ever held. Bill, an entrepreneur turned reality TV star (he won the title of Trump’s O.G. Apprentice), writes books on how to succeed, and tirelessly supports his more immediately recognizable wife.

The couple have been open with sharing their trials surrounding a miscarriage, a failed in vitro fertilization procedure, Giuliana’s breast cancer diagnosis and her double mastectomy.

Hopefully their anonymous “carrier” will continue to have a smooth and healthy pregnancy, finally granting this well-deserving couple their wish of becoming parents. And regardless of the future career choices of Rancic Jr., it’s clear that he or she will have a life filled with love and adoration.