Giuliana Rancic Tweets Adorable Baby Photos

October 1, 2012 By:
Giuliana Rancic Tweets Adorable Baby Photos

Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s new baby is adorable.

Yesterday, Bill tweeted out a photo of their bundle of joy – Edward Duke Rancic – in all his 1-month-old bundle of joy adorableness.

Bill wrote:

Baby is ready for Football? Do you think tiny Duke is a Giants fan?

Duke’s birth via surrogate is actually going to be documented on the sixth season of the couple’s reality TV show.

“To have people praying for you and supporting you and wanting the best for you and wanting you to have this baby so badly, and then to say, ‘Thanks for all your prayers, thanks for your support, we’re not showing the baby.’ That’s wrong,” Giuliana told The Sun-Times Sunday magazine.

Giuliana also told the mag, “We watch him breathe, we play with him…we are enamored. And Duke loves when Bill’s holding him giving him a bath. He gives him these great head rubs and Duke closes his eyes every time Bill rubs his head. He just loves him.”

“Giuliana & Bill” returns to the Style Network tomorrow October 2. Stay tuned for Duke’s small-screen debut!