Giuliana Rancic: My Mastectomy Scars Will Be 'Beautiful'

December 7, 2011 By:
Giuliana Rancic: My Mastectomy Scars Will Be 'Beautiful'

Giuliana Rancic has been through a lot over the past few months, and she is now set to undergo a double mastectomy next week, followed by reconstructive surgery. 

"Listen, I love my girls, but I'm gonna feel more like a woman when this is all done," Rancic said on The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday.

Giuliana's husband, Bill, has been supportive of her throughout her battle. She told Williams that she thinks "scars are beautiful. I think scars tell a story."

"I'll always look at them and think, 'Wow, I made it through that.'"

She also joked that her boobs "might come out looking even hotter."

"You gotta have fun with this. We find the humor in everything. Bill helped pick 'em out. I'm like, 'Bill, that big? Really?'"

And speaking of finding humor in things, comedian Joan Rivers had a message for her Fashion Police costar:

"We want you back with breasts, without breasts, we don't care - we want you."

Rivers continued:

"She is the most professional person I have ever met. First of all, she taped 'Fashion Police' last week knowing all this and said nothing. She leaves her problems at the door and comes in and delivers her jokes and says her comments."

She also voiced her respect for Giuliana's bravery:

"We did know she needed to go back and get more procedures, but we had no idea. I think she is the bravest women in the world. You have no idea how much we love her."

Regarding Giuliana's husband, Bill, Rivers said:

"These two are the real deal. I know he will be at her side through all of this like we all will. If she ever needs anything, she knows I would drop anything for her."

Giuliana has been undoubtedly strong in all of this, even working right up until her surgery, but she admits she has her moments of fear, too.

"Usually it's 2 in the morning, and I'll turn around from Bill so I don't wake him up, and I just cry," she says. "I sob and think, 'How did this happen?'"

Still, though, Bill calls his wife a "tough Italian woman," and she backs up that claim:

"My breasts have never defined me," Rancic said. "And now they never will."

Giuliana announced on Monday that her surgery is scheduled for December 13.