Giuliana Rancic: Breast Cancer Hasn't Changed Me

March 16, 2012 By:
Giuliana Rancic: Breast Cancer Hasn't Changed Me

Giuliana Rancic found out she had breast cancer, underwent a double mastectomy, and then pretty much went back to work the next day. It made those of us who have ever called in sick for a hangover look really bad.

Anyway, Rancic says that when she was diagnosed, she “wanted to yell from a rooftop and cry and scream.” Luckily, her devoted husband, Bill Rancic, helped keep her calm. But Giuliana says the look of pity in other peoples’ eyes was frustrating.

She told the April issue of Glamour:
“My first day back (to work), I walked in and these girls I’d seen every day—my assistant, my hair and makeup girls, who I’d have fun with and be crazy with—all had this sad look in their eyes. It was like, ‘Hey, guys, cut the bulls—t. I’m the exact same person I was before. I’m still shallow, I still love clothes, I still want to talk fashion, I still want to gossip, so lay it on me.’ They were like, ‘Thank God.’”

The E! News co-host says that she’s even gotten some A-list support from the celebrities she interviews.

“The celebrities I’ve interviewed have been so sensitive. A lot have said, “My mom went through this”—or my best friend or sister did—“how are you holding up?” That was so sweet.”

Bill says it was hard seeing his wife go through treatment:
"As a husband and as a man, you wish you could trade places with your wife, but you can't, and it sucks," he says. "I of course had my moments. But you know, you've got to be strong.”