Giuliana Rancic Announces She Has Breast Cancer

October 17, 2011 By:
Giuliana Rancic Announces She Has Breast Cancer

Giuliana Rancic, host of E! News and The Fashion Police has just announced on the Today show that she has breast cancer.

Giuliana made an announcement that nobody was expecting, “I have early stage breast cancer,” she told Today’s Ann Curry.

Giuliana has been attempting to get pregnant through IVF for several years, but she appeared brave and collected as she recalled the story of how she went in for another round of in vitro fertilization and only because her IVF doctor ordered her too, she had a mammogram that revealed she had a tumor. 

Giuliana says she always thought at age 37 she was too young to get a mammogram, that she thought she didn’t need one until she was forty, but after years of trying to get pregnant her IVF specialist suggested she get a mammogram before she even begin another round of IVF.

"I wasn’t prepared to get a mammogram until I was 40 years old,” she admits, “I never in my wildest dreams expected anything to be wrong.”

Because the cancer has been detected early on, her prognosis is good though she will have to undergo surgery later this week and then six weeks of radiation therapy.

When she first heard the news she admitted she immediately began “sobbing…It was like the world just crashed around me.”

She tells Today that she has no history of cancer in her family, except for one aunt who battled breast cancer and survived. She thought, it couldn’t happen to me.

“A lot of us think we’re invincible,” she says, “we have to start putting ourselves on the to-do list. Cal your doctor tomorrow, make an appointment. If you can find it early you can be okay. I’ll be okay.”

Her trials to get pregnant have been documented on her reality show “Giuliana and Bill,” with her first attempt ending in miscarriage and a second that didn’t work. However, those failed attempts with IVF were actually a blessing in disguise, had she gotten pregnant, it would have accelerated the cancer, making her more ill.

“There was some masterplan why my IVF’s never worked. I know God was looking out for me. If I had gotten pregnant later down the line, I could have been a lot sicker,” she reveals.

“Im not going to give up,” she says,  “I want a baby.”

During this extremely trying time for Giuliana, she says her husband has been “unbelievable. The best thing about Bill is, he lets me cry when I want to cry.”

Best wishes for Giuliana's health during the next several weeks of treatment.