Celebrity Families Created With The Help of a Surrogate

September 3, 2012 By:
Celebrity Families Created With The Help of a Surrogate

Giuliana Rancic and hubby Bill welcomed their first child into the world this week thanks to the help of a surrogate.

Surrogate (sometimes known by its more politically correct term of gestational carrier) is a little known trend sweeping Hollywood for the moms and dads who need a little help from someone else’s belly to bring their babies into the world.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Some skeptics said Sarah Jessica Parker used a surrogate because she didn’t want to stretch out her designer duds. Whatever the reason, SJP and hubby Matthew Broderick welcomed their twins via a surrogate. Sarah carried her first child James but the twins, Loretta and Tabitha, came with a little extra help.


Nicole Kidman: When Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise, they adopted two kids, Isabella and Connor. She then remarried to country crooner Keith Urban and had a daughter, Sunday, in 2008. Her next child Faith was carried via surrogate in 2010 but is biologically both of theirs.

Elizabeth Banks: Elizabeth Banks and her hubby tried to conceive for years without success, so they gave surrogacy a shot and in 2011 their son Felix was born!

Neil Patrick Harris: NPH and his partner David Burtka used an anonymous egg donor and two sets of bio-dad samples. They used a surrogate and in 2010 fraternal twins Gideon and Harper were born. Rumor has it that one is biologically Neil’s and the other is biologically David’s but that seems impossible? Either way, it’s cute to think about.

Elton John: He has like 10 godchildren, but at the ripe old age of 62, Elton John and husband David Furnish enlisted the help of a surrogate mommy. They welcomed baby Zachary, who’s supposedly biologically David’s son.

Ricky Martin: Ricky Martin considered adoption when he wanted to raise some kids on his own, but thought surrogacy would be quicker and easier. In 2008, his surrogate gave birth to twins Matteo and Valentino.