Tom and Gisele Sued for Wedding Shooting

September 22, 2009 By:
Tom and Gisele Sued for Wedding Shooting

Two photographers filed a lawsuit today suing Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen for $1 million in damages after being shot at by the couple’s security team while in Costa Rica for their wedding.

Tom and Gisele went to great lengths to keep their wedding a private affair. But the paparazzi always seem to know where celebs are, and a few of them showed up to the ceremony to snap off a few pics.

As you may recall, one of Tom’s bodyguards fired off a shot at the photogs who got a little too close for their liking.

According to TMZ, the paps claim they got clearance to be there, but one was "grabbed by the bodyguard, his arm twisted behind him and immobilized."

A lawsuit was filed in a federal court in New York today, and the two photographers claim five other men helped to hold the one of them down.

The pap was eventually permitted to get back in his car, but when he tried to speed off, bullets were fired at his car, shattering his rear window.

The two men are seeking over $1 million in damages. Tom and Giseles reps have not yet commented. We’re surprised they’re not asking for more! They could have been killed!