Report: Gisele and Tom Brady Expecting a Boy

September 16, 2009 By:
Report: Gisele and Tom Brady Expecting a Boy

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are going to have a mini quarterback on their hands!

According to new rumors, Gisele is expecting a baby boy. Last week, Tom finally confirmed the news we already knew that his wife had a bun in the oven.

We can only imagine Tom’s excitement that it’s a baby boy! Sources say he and Gisele already have a name picked out too—Gabriel. The insider says, “One of Gisele’s five sisters is named Gabriela, and she’s always thought it was a beautiful name.”

The source continues that the name choice could also have to do with the fact that “she was brought up a Roman Catholic, and Gabriel is an archangel, a messenger from God, in the New Testament.”

Another source jokes, “Tom is also having a large input on the baby’s name, and we’re joking that he’s already set aside a locker for him with his team, the New England Patriots.”

We’re sure that little boy will be practicing with dad as soon as he’s out of the womb! Those are some big shoes to fill!

Congrats to Gisele and Tom!