Gisele Bundchen Violated The Football 'Code Of Brotherhood'

February 6, 2012 By:
Gisele Bundchen Violated The Football 'Code Of Brotherhood'

Tom Brady might have gone home after the Super Bowl to cry in wife Gisele Bundchen’s bosom, but he’ll probably be getting some crap from his teammates this afternoon.

Because apparently Gisele violated ‘The Code.’ The Patriots reportedly have some kind of understanding in which you don’t talk crap about each other after losing a game. It’s called the “code of brotherhood,” or, if you’re not into football, it’s known as “common decency.”

Sources tell TMZ that Gisele violated this code when she said:

“My husband cannot f-cking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time,” then chugged back her water ever so dramatically, before finishing, “I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

It was in response to some random heckler saying “Eli owns your husband.” There was some guy on the other team named Eli I guess, I dunno. What am I, Bob Costas?

Sources says that the teammates are “disappointed” with Gisele’s behavior. Gisele took her frustration out on the other Patriots players, instead of the person who is really responsible for their loss—God. Because apparently, God was too busy working on stuff like starving kids and war to listen to all of us praying for Tom Brady to win.

But anyway, the point is, Gisele messed up. I mean, what if Tom Brady would’ve said:

“Adriana Lima really dropped the ball. My wife cannot f-cking strut and swagger at the same time.”

One source said: “It’s like knocking someone when they are down.”