What To Watch On TV: Friday Edition

April 25, 2008 By:
What To Watch On TV: Friday Edition

Ghost Whisperer @ 8pm

Jennifer Love Hewitt must be experiencing a bit of déjà vu tonight: A college kid's death connected to a scary movie has attracted Melinda's attention, and her research into the case lets her know exactly what the film student did last summer. Seems the movie played on people's worst fears, but the horror didn't end after the cameras stopped rolling. Jonathan Murphy (October Road) guest stars.

Numbers @ 10pm

Everyone's favorite science guy, Bill Nye, reprises his role as Dr. Bill Waldie, the head of Cal Sci's engineering department, in this intense episode that centers on an ex-Marine wanted for murdering a serial killer. Complicating the search for the former military man is a hostage situation involving the fugitive's family members.

Moonlight @ 9pm

They're baaacckkk!! Calling all vampire fans:) Beth is kidnapped by the person suspected of murdering her boss, and Mick must decide whether to jeopardize his newfound mortality in order to rescue her. Scoop: the show won the People's Choice award and got a few extra episodes out of it. And how about a second season....oh yes indeed!

Tracy Ullman's State of the Union @ 9pm

Tracey Ullman impersonates Suzanne Somers selling a gynecological exerciser on a cable shopping show, and Helen Mirren discussing her latest nude film scene. Also: injury-prone soccer star David Beckham; an un-PC nun; a Russian U.N. interpreter; investigative journalist Rita Cosby.

Duel TV Show @ 9pm

This high stakes game show combines the class quiz show formula with the psychology and bluffing of gambling. Contestants must go head to head to win a big-money jackpot.