Get Your Hollyscoop Accessory

July 17, 2006 By:

Hollyscoop always get emails regarding the accessories we wear when we go out. Whether its belts, bracelets or necklaces you guys seem to dig our style and we love you for that. We put on our thinking caps during our last meeting and decided to buy and actually sell the stuff we wear on Hollyscoop. From now on every time we buy accessories for ourselves, we are going to buy a few extra items to sell to our readers. Note that we only buy and sell things that we would actually wear and would never want our readers to buy anything vulgar or out of style from Hollyscoop. Everything we are going to sell is "in" or the new "it" thing without the crazy "it" price tag. That is our promise to you!

We have created a temporary eBay store until our wonderful IT tech guy Ray can create us an actual online store. Check it out and let us know what you think.