Vocal Coach To Geri: Your Voice Is Shit

November 5, 2007 By:
Vocal Coach To Geri: Your Voice Is Shit

Spice Girls tour is coming up and Geri Halliwell has decided she needs some extra help in the vocal department. That's why she's hire a vocal coach that doesn't have great things to say about Halliwell's vocal abilities.

Her voice coach, Zoe Tyler, says, "Geri can't sing live. She is s**t but she knows she is. At least she is realistic. She admits she is not a great singer but she is determined to give the best possible performance she can. We have been working together a lot and she has been working incredibly hard."

"Geri is thrilled to have her own little solo spot on the tour. Not all of the girls do, so it is a great chance for her to stand out. She has a great routine worked out but she is worried her voice will let her down."

This girl has about a month to work on her “shit” voice before she get's on stage. I wonder if they are even rehearsing. The last thing we all want to see is another Britney style come back performance.