Gerard Butler on Jennifer Aniston: We're Just Friends

March 15, 2010 By:
Gerard Butler on Jennifer Aniston: We're Just Friends

So much for those hookup rumors! Gerard Butler is finally setting the record straight about his relationship with his 'The Bounty Hunter' co-star Jennifer Aniston.

According to Gerard, there's no truth to the hookup rumors and they're "just friends," and nothing more. But he added that if he was dating her, no one would know about it. Hmmm...

“I went for her birthday to Mexico,” he said. “We’re just friends. We have a natural chemistry — you can see it in our magazine shoot and the film. We have a great time together.

“But here’s the thing – while they’re accusing me of being with Jennifer, I’ve probably been off somewhere else doing damage with someone else.

“My last two girlfriends — one was two years, the other 18 months — nobody ever found out I was dating them. I’m pretty good at keeping that silent.”

He may have been able to keep his other romances on the down low but if he was dating Jen, that wouldn't stay a secret for long.