Gerard Butler on His Sever Weight Loss: I Ate My Last Meal in October

September 15, 2011 By:
Gerard Butler on His Sever Weight Loss: I Ate My Last Meal in October

If you've seen Gerard Butler lately, you'll notice that he's lost a TON of weight.

Gone are those bulging 6 pack abs he rocked in "300" that made him so famous. The new skinny Gerard looks like those dudes that drink wheat grass professionally and does yoga in public spaces. However, the weight loss makes the 41-year-old actor look about 10 years younger. He looks real good, like, why-don't-you-take-your-shirt-off-and-go-running-with-Mathew-McConaughey HOT.

Gerard explains his dramatic weight loss as slimming down for a role where he has to play a surfer.

"I'm prepping for a surf movie," Gerard told People mag, "So I'm surfing every day for 'Mavericks.'"

In the film, Gerard plays Rick "Frosty" Hesson, the mentor to famous surfer Jay Moriarity.

Gerard joked with E! News on how he lost the weight, "I ate my last meal in October and I run about 40 miles a day," says Butler. I never thought I'd say this to someone other than LeAnn Rimes, but EAT A SANDWICH GERARD!

"I'm joking," he continues, "It's just doing a lot of cardio and extremely watching what I eat. I stopped lifting big weights and I'm doing yoga. It's not hard to be in's hard to be in really good shape."

Right, because surfing and doing yoga is SOOO stressful. Kidding. He looks so hot, I don't care if he's eating nothing but popsicle sticks. Don't change anything Gerard!

"But this is how I look. I just used to be a lot bigger. But now I'm surfing. I don't know...maybe I'm sick or something!" says the actor.

If you have a thing for beefcake men, don't worry, Gerard might bulk up again for a sequel to "300" if the script is good enough.

"If the script was good, I would do it," says Gerard, who packed on 197 lbs of muscle for the role, "I've got to feel that there's a real reason to go there, to do a second one, because I loved the first."

Gerard says he doesn't even know if his character, King Leonidas, will be in the new movie, but he's hoping he is, "I hope that they write a great script and I hope that I love it. That was my favorite role, and it would be great to go back there and have some fun with it."

Gerard was last making headlines for hooking up with Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife and "Real Housewife" Brandi Glanville, but the Scottish actor told E! News that he's single.

"Victory" says all single women everywhere.