Gerard Butler Losing His Accent

August 24, 2009 By:
Gerard Butler Losing His Accent

Gerard Butler is losing his sexy Scottish accent and he's not happy about it!

Gerard has been ditching his infamous accent in order to land Hollywood movies, and he hates himself for it.

He said, "I have to confess I always hated any person from Scotland who went and lost their accent in the slightest.

"When Sheena Easton made it in America and suddenly started talking in an accent, I swore and threw shoes at her on television.

He added, "But I've spent a year and a half now playing roles as an American and I'm not comfortable enough doing those accents only when we film, so I have to keep it up all the time. I really hate myself for doing that."

Gerard is currently in New York shooting The Bounty with Jennifer Aniston. The on screen couple has been sparking rumors of an off set romance for weeks now. What do you think about the rumors? Are Jen and Gerard dating in real life too?