Gerard Butler: I'm Really Boring

October 15, 2009 By:
Gerard Butler: I'm Really Boring

We never thought we'd use the word "boring" and Gerard Butler in the same sentence, but there's a first time for everything.

Hollyscoop's favorite heartthrob claims he doesn't understand all the hype surrounding his image because he's really "boring."

“I just like to go back home and chill out with friends. It sounds really boring but it’s true,” he says.

He did admit that when he's on, he's on. But once the camera's stop rolling, the champagne stops pouring and the parties end, he's just a regular Joe.

He added, “Sometimes I finish a movie and I get used to a certain lifestyle and when that stops I get a bit lost for about a week. ‘No one is bringing me lunch anymore — I’ve gotta go do that myself?’

“I lose the main point of my focus. Often all I want to do is travel and just get the hell outta there. But I’m actually boring really.”

Oh Gerry, you'll never be boring to us. Especially when you take off your shirt. How about when you start to feel "boring," you strip down and run around Hollywood? The ladies would love that!