Gerard Butler Going Solo to the Oscars

March 5, 2010 By:
Gerard Butler Going Solo to the Oscars

Guess we can all stop wishing for Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston to show up to the Oscars together! The hunky actor has revealed that he is dateless to Hollywood’s biggest night.

Gerry told Extra, “I’m not taking a date — unless I have a serious girlfriend, which probably a lot of people know is very rare. There are enough rumors about what’s going on in my life without sparking another one.”

As for finding the right woman, Butler is in no hurry. He said, “I give myself another 25 to 30 years. Then I think it will be time to settle down. I’m very relaxed about the whole thing.”

It seems Gerard has already gotten used to the constant rumors that go along with being a hot single guy in Hollywood. “I read a rumor somewhere saying that I was actually a woman,” he said earlier this week. “And there was one recently where apparently I was just talking about Jen, saying, ‘I’m not a gimp’, going on about not being a gimp… how I want all these other women in my life.”

Sounds like Gerard is the new George Clooney!